51 statements #NeverTrump: compilation of volatile statements made by Donald Trump

Do some people naturally hate Donald Trump?

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You’ll find answers to that question after reading 51 statements #neverTrump.

These 51 statements were compiled by an anonymous American who believes that the utterances of a leading Republican American Presidential aspirant, Donald Trump, disqualify him to be president.
Title: 51 Statements #NeverTrump
Author: Anonymous (a woman)
Format: PDF
Size: 147kb
Pages: 71

Beginning from March 1, 2016 through May 15, 2015, these statements contain some of the most volatile statements ever made by an American presidential aspirant.

The author of #NeverTrump Movement is a Democrat, but he frankly says, We don’t have to love the people we vote for. We need someone who’s going to get us through the next four years, hopefully improving some stuff along the way. Hopefully not plunging the world into nuclear warfare. Hopefully leaving the room a little better than they found it.

She uses 51 statements #NeverTrump to make her voice heard, and to convince electorates why Donald Trump doesn’t deserve their votes.
According to the writer, Republican have other aspirants who can be a better choice for Americans than Trump.
In the number 10 statement: #NeverTrump, the authors tells us why Donald Trump is wrong for America:

  1. He wants to limit First Amendment freedoms. 
  2. He wants to murder terrorists’ families. 
  3. He wants to broaden torture laws. 
  4. He has made racist statements about Muslims, African Americans and Latinos, among others. 
  5. He incites violence at his rallies and blames the result on everyone else. 
  6. When a woman reporter was grabbed and shoved out of the way by his campaign manager—hard enough to leave bruises on her arm—Trump said she made it up. The issue here isn’t that she was assaulted. The issue is that he dismissed it out of hand. She said he did it, he said he didn’t, so instead of investigating, Trump said she made it up. As a woman, I cannot stand for that.

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