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Top Mobile Banking Security Tips: Beware of fraudulent banking messages in circulation


Nigerians should beware of these and other fraudulent banking messages by 419 in circulation 

Carrying out transactions on mobile devices is the most convenient medium of banking, yet one of the mobile banking security threats to mobile banking is to ignorantly hand over your account details to fraudulent people through dubious messages or emails.
Note that banks will never request for your account information or an update of your personal banking details, including your Bank Verification Number, via e-mail or telephone.
In one of the earliest posts on this blog, I compiled 20 security measures for mobile banking transactions, but scammers keep changing their methods of fraud; one of such methods is using the logo and similar URL of banks to perpetrate their frauds.
Another mobile banking security issues is when online scammers compose fraudulent messages to lure bank account holders to disclose their banking details.
Fraudsters in Nigeria use two ways to transmit their fraudulent messages:


  1. Through SMS: They use bulk SMS format to compose and send these messages. Such messages are customized in such a way that one would think they’re from their real bank. 
  2. Through E-mail: In such e-mail, it could be business e-mail, they use links that have been fraudulently coined to make it look is from your bank. A click on any of such email would take you to another site targeted at getting your banking details to defraud you.


According to Diamond Bank some of the fraudulent banking SMS in circulationare:

“Dear customer, Due to our system upgrade your ATM CARD has just been de- activated, to re- activate, kindly call Customer care, Mr john Edward on, 09035631918”
 Sent by 09023510799 




“Dear customer, due to the BVN validation in compliance with CBN bank directives, your ATM card has been de activated call our help line on 09039248945 now.”
Sent by 08060667151, +2349030087594.




“Dear customer, due to the new Bio-metric verification method, your ATM has been deactivated, to reactivate Kindly call customer care on 07030320865, Thanks.”


Samples of the fraudulent banking E-mails in circulation in Nigeria:
 In the samples below, we’d be using some of the samples Diamond Bank uses to put its customers on red alert.
“Dear Esteemed Customer,
According to our records, you registered for our Diamond Online Customer Digest monthly bulletin and this comes with a monthly charge of N10, 050:00.
As your opinion is important to us, we would like to ask you to confirm this request Action.RetUser.Init.001=confirmdebit
If you wish to reject the registration request, follow the cancel reference below Action.RetUser.Init.001=canceldebit
You would have to confirm you are an active account holder with us by following the procedures from your Diamond Bank account.
Thank you for banking with us.
Diamond Transaction Alert Service
Please be informed that a Debit transaction occurred on your bank account.
Kindly find details of the transaction below:
Transaction Details
Account Number : 00********
Reference No : 81596777
Transaction Amount: 5,470.00 NGN – NIGERIAN NAIRA
Transaction Date: 27-Apr-2016
As a result of this transaction, the balances on this account would be deducted on the 28th of April.
Mobile banking could be safe as well as risky 
Mobile banking is faster, and safe if you can take mobile banking security measures seriously.

So, here are…

12 security measures for mobile banking
In 2015, Security Intelligence compiled top 5 security measure for mobile banking transactions, in addition to that let’s take a quick overview of 12 mobile banking security tips and measures to take
  • Disregard and delete emails that instruct you to click on a dubiously designed link. It’s advisable to disregard and delete all emails that direct you to click on a link. Most of the messages sent by banks rarely contain links. When you’re unsure of where the link takes you, contact your bank.
  • Never generate a token or passcode for anyone via telephone. Generating a token or passcode for anyone via telephone, e-mail or internet chat is not security wise, such highly sensitive banking details could be intercepted by online fraudsters.
  • Probe shortened URL before clicking on it. Another mobile banking security protection you can take is to verify any short url because short URL has been used in the past to defraud account holders.A short URL is: Uniform Resource Locator that translates long URLs into abbreviated alternatives. If you’re not familiar with any short URLs you received via SMS or email, copy and paste such short url into a URL expander, one of URL expanders is URLEX. Pasting any short URL in a URL expander will expose the original (long) url.
  •  It is better to use official application of your bank for online transactions.
  • If it’s avoidable, do away with software that wants to have more than necessary to your details, your banking details may be at risk.
  • Clicking to download software you do not understand its source and trustworthiness of its developer isn’t the best security measure. Verify before you click.
  • Be careful on how you use other online services of your bank. If you used a public computer at a café, make sure to log out completely, don’t allow your browsing duration to automatically sign you out. If the browsing duration expires before signing out, other user of the same computer will have access to your details on login in.
  • Tempting offers are another security threat to banking security, avoid unsolicited offers.
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder web surfing is a risk to mobile banking. Avoid downloading mobile apps from application market that hasn’t been verified by your official bank.
  • As part of mobile banking security measure, avoid services that promise you free web browsing through hacked wi-fi. The hacker behind the hacked wi-fi might be targeting your banking details.
  • Report dubious emails, calls, text message to your bank so that others would be put on red alert.
How to report dubious emails, calls, SMS to all Nigerian banks
Most of Nigerian banks now provide 24/7 customer support services. If any of the messages you received look and sound suspicious, one of the mobile banking security measures to take is to contact your bank to verify the authenticity of such messages or emails.
Here is a complete list of Customer Support centres of all banks in Nigeria where to report dubious messages or e-mails.

The essence of this list is to ensure that you don’t fall easily to the antics of online fraudsters; the first banking security measure to take is to contact your bank.
Tel: 07002255222377
+234 1-2802500
+234 1-2712005-7
Customer Support of CitiBank

CitiBank on Twitter @Citibank 
Telephone: +234 1 463 8400
+234 1 2798400 ext. 2216.
Better still, you can reach any of the branches of CitiBank
Branch Locations of CitiBank in Nigeria
Charles S. Sankey House
27 Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
Telephone: +234 1 279 8400 or +234 1 463 8400 / Facsimile: +234 1 270 1191


32 Warehouse Road, Apapa, Lagos
Telephone: +234 1 270 7828-31 or +234 1 460 0472-74 / Facsimile: +234 1 270 7828

20 Ereko Street, Idumota, Lagos
Telephone: +234 1 773 4158

32 Warehouse Road, Apapa, Lagos
Telephone: +234 1 270 7828-31 or +234 1 460 0472-74 / Facsimile: +234 1 270 7828

20 Ereko Street, Idumota, Lagos
Telephone: +234 1 773 4158

82 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos
Telephone: +234 1 270 7031 or +234 1 774 0125 / Facsimile: +234 1 270 7050


1/2 Factory Road, Aba, Abia
Telephone: +234 8 244 1650 or +234 8 222 1488


64 Effurun/Sapele Road, Warri, Delta
Telephone: +234 9 782 1995 – 6 or +234 5 325 1745


4 Yola Street, Area 7, Garki, Abuja, F.C.T.
Telephone: +234 9 461 0200 – 30

4 Yola Street, Area 7, Garki, Abuja, F.C.T.
Telephone: +234 9 461 0200 – 30

F1 Airport Road, Kano
Telephone: +234 6 498 0931 or +234 6 463 1884

Ajoda New Town Road, Egbeda, Oyo
Telephone: +234 803 535 4809

1 Oke – Imale Road, Lanlate, Oyo
Telephone: +234 802 501 5996

Bonny Pioneer Camo, Finima Bonny Island, Rivers
Telephone: +234 803 746 2741 or +234 8 255 1689

Port Harcourt
1 Trans-Amadi Road by Garrison Junction, Port – Harcourt, Rivers
Telephone: +234 8 446 1387 – 88 or +234 8 446 1390 – 91 / Facsimile: +234 8 446 1389

Customer Support centre of Diamond Bank
Call 0700-300-0000, send an SMS to 30811
Diamond Bank on Twitter @DiamondBankNG 
Customer support of Ecobank


+234 700 500 0000
Toll free from Nigeria
0800 ECOBANK (0800 326 2265)
EcoBank on Twitter @GroupEcobank 
014485252, 0800FIDELITY (080034335489).
If you’re in Ghana, you can Request Fidelity to Call you Back 
Contact Fidelity Bank on twitter @fidelitybankplc 
Contact First Bank of Nigeria


First Contact : 0700347782668228, 01-4485500, 07080625000
Contact First Bank on twitter @FirstBankngr 
SMS: send an SMS to 3001
For other complaints, visit official website of First Bank of Nigeria’s Feedback and complaints 
Contact details of First City Monument Bank


Ways to reach FCMB are:
Reach FCMB on twitter @MyFCMB 
Call FCMB on
Or email FCMB at Customer Service at first city group dot com


GtBank can be contacted through GTConnect at 0700482666328
You can also send complaints or any impersonating message to complaints at gtb dotcom


Contact Heritage Bank Limited


Call Heritage Bank on 01-2369000
E-mail your complaints to
You can also reach heritage bank on twitter @heritagebankltd 
Or fill and submit a complaint form at
Keystone Bank contact centre


Call Keystone Bank 01-4485742, 07080605000, 07046004000
Reach Keystone Bank on twitter @keystonebankng
Email Keystone Bank at customer centre at
Skye Bank customer care details


Call Skye Bank Yes centre on the following numbers:
You can SkyeBank on twitter @SkyeBankNigeria 
With branches in 19 African countries, Stanbic IBTC’ customer care could be contacted via the following phone numbers:
Report  fraud or scam to Stanbic IBTC at
Stanbic IBTC is on twitter @StanbicIBTC
If you suspect any email sent to you as being dubious, you can use Standard Chartered Trust Bank 24-hour Contact Centre
Standard Chartered Trust Bank’s hotlines are:
01 2704611 – 4
+234 1 2704611 – 4
You can also email Standard Chartered Trust Bank on
Standard Chartered Trust Bank could also be reached on twitter @StanChart 
Better still, you can locate any branches of Standard Chartered Trust Bank nearest to you to report any suspicious message(s) Click Here to see all the branches of Standard Chartered Trust Bank


Call Sterling Bank on the following phone numbers:
(+234) 01-4484481-5
If you feel it’d be convenient for you to visit any branch offices of Sterling Bank closest to you to report any suspicious message or email, here is the Branch Link of Sterling Bank in Nigeria 
Reach Sterling Bank on twitter @Sterling_Bankng 


Beware of any fraudulent message sent to you. Report any of such to UnionCare on the following phone numbers:


Union Bank could also be contacted on twitter @unionbank_ng
 If you have an enquiry, or complaint about messages you got concerning your bank account with UBA, you can call UBA on any of the following phone numbers
+234 01-2808822
+234 01-6319822
+234 07002255-822
Email UBA:
UBA could be reached on twitter @UBAGroup 

Report all kinds of fraudulent messages or emails to Unity Bank’s dedicated numbers:

Unity Bank on twitter @UnityBankPlc


Wema Bank Purple Telephone Numbers:
SMS: +234-705-111-2111