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How to link BVN to your Wema Bank Account via WemaMobile App

Wema bank now has three available means of linking your BVN to your Wema Bank account.

  1. Through wemaMobile Banking Suite  
  2. Through wema Online 
  3. Through BVN Link Portal
I already published a guide on how to link your BVN to your Wema Bank Account, so let’s see the new BVN link update Wema Bank has for its customers.

Guide on how to use WemaMobile Banking Suite to link your BVN to your Weman Bank Account
Update your Wema Bank App (as at the time of putting this piece together, the last update of Wema Bank App on Google Play store is March 17, 2016) 

Note: All the images shown here are screenshots taken from the WemaMobile Banking Suite.

  • Log on to your account 

  • From the options by the left hand side, click on “My profile” 
  • Clicking on “my profile” should take you to a page containing your name, email address, BVN. 

  • If that page doesn’t display your BVN, it means an option to link your BVN with your Wema Bank account will come up
If you haven’t updated your BVN, then click on “Update BVN”
Insert your BVN to update your account.

If “Update BVN” doesn’t come up after updating Wema Bank App, it means you’d earlier updated your BVN. So, you need not worry.
I tried this myself on the wema mobile banking suite to test if the BVN update would come up, it doesn’t. That prompted me to contact the customer service via Wema Purples Connect, and I was told that “Update BVN” option would only come up if I was yet to link my BVN number to my wema bank account.
Apart from the Update BVN option in the new wema bank app, other new options are:
  1. Remita 
  2. Receive money 
  3. Limit and control 
  4. Travel and lifestyle
Guide on how to us Wema Online to link your BVN to your Weman Bank Account
  • Log on to your Wema Online page 
  • Select the option, “Utilities/Requests” 
  • Click on BVN updates 
  • Insert your BVN
Why you should use WemaMobile/Wema Online
  • Check your account information, balances and transaction history. 
  • Request account statement in PDF format. 
  • Pay anyone using Tap & Pay (NFC). 
  • Receive Western Union Money Transfer directly into your Wema Bank account. 
  • Transfer funds to other banks. 
  • Transfer funds to any Wema Bank account. 
  • Transfer funds between your own accounts. 
  • Transfer funds using Cash-In-Transit to any beneficiary. 
  • Pay your bills with ease. 
  • Purchase airtime. 
  • Manage beneficiaries for funds transfer to Wema Bank and Other banks. 
  • Confirm your cheque with ease. 
  • Stop any issued cheque securely. 
  • Request for cheque book. 
  • Request for bank draft. 
  • Instantly Hot-List a lost or stolen card. 
  • Request ATM card. 
  • Securely report ATM Dispense error. 
  • ATM & Branch locator. 
  • Social sharing of activities on Facebook.. 
  • Instantly block your account in case of any suspected fraud. 
  • Activate your hardware token device. 
  • Easy access to FAQ module. 
  • SMS Banking without internet connection. 
  • Contact PurpleConnect directly via LiveChat, SMS, Email, Phone Call, Facebook, Twitter e.t.c
And many more….
Existing WemaOnline (Internet Banking) users do not need to register to use the app. If you already have a WemaOnline profile just login and start using the application.
Only Wema bank customers who are not already profiled on WemaOnline needs to register in other to access the secured features.
NOTE: If you are not already profiled on WemaOnline, please ensure that registration is done only from a device with your registered phone number. SMS charges at local rate may apply during the verification process.
Connect with PurpleConnect (Wema Bank’s Contact Center)

Telephone: +234-803-900-3700
07000PURPLE (07000787753)


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  • Wema is Fucking me up hate this bank I open the account you told me I don’t need any ID card for this account now my account is on freeze debit Freeze but you don’t freeze credit such a wasteful thing, hate myself banking with you. Fuck off my money they your Fucked bank ?