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Steps on how to link your BVN to GtBank Account Number

Guarantee Trust Bank, GtBank, has the most optional ways to linking BVN Number in Nigeria.  If you obtained your Bank Verification Number from any other bank, you can still link it to your GtBank account number in more convenient and secure ways. 

More than three methods are made available for Gt Bank customers to link their BVN with their account number:

  • Using GtBank’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM) 
  • Internet Banking 
  • Through GtBank BVN linker 
  • Manual method by filling BVN form

First method…

I’ll show you how to link your BVN to your Guarantee Trust Bank account through the online banking platform. I’ll also accomplish this article with steps by step screenshot on how to go about it.
Here are the steps to follow to link your BVN to GtBank account using the internet banking:

  • Login to online banking platform of GtBank 
  • Click on Internet Banking 

  • Clicking on internet banking will take you to internet banking home page, click on “Click here to login” 
  • You’re then taken to the login page that requires you to input your User ID, and password, then login 

  • The above step takes you to another page where you’ll click on “proceed to internet banking”

  • That takes you to the welcome page. 
  • Click on Show Navigation

GT Bank online banking navigation bar shows the following banking options under My Account,

 My Account

  1. Balance enquiry 
  2. Transaction details 
  3. Account statement 
  4. Secure email 
  5. Salary advance 
  6. Investment and loans 
  7. Additional savings account 
  8. Dashboard 
  9. Account profile maintenance 
  10. GT Sweep Service 
  11. I refer 
  12. Account manager details 
  13. SME appointment 
  14. Domiciliary account opening 
  15. BVN Linker 

  16. SKS Account Opening
Note: You should find the BVN Linker on the 15th option under My Account

That takes you to the BVN linking form where you’re expected to enter your BVNumber and your account name.

How to link your BVN to your GtBank Account using GtBank ATM

To link your BVN to your GtBank account number via the Automated Teller Machine, visit any ATM branded “GtBank”
  1. Insert your GtBank Card in the ATM 
  2. Input your digit pin (primarily your ATM password) 
  3. Different options will be displayed on the screen, select ‘BVN Linking”
  4. option. 
  5. Enter your 11 digits BVN number, click on “proceed” 
  6. Click to validate your option 
  7. Once it is validated as correct, click on “proceed”
That’s not all.
The third available option to link your BVN to GtBank is…
This method is simple…
  • Input your account number 
  • Then select the bank where you registered for BVN 
  • And insert the BVN issued to you from another bank 
  • And click on submit
The fourth method is: manual method process of linking BVN to GtBank account number
This method is designed for those who are not internet-inclined. You can also link BVN to your GtBank by visiting any branches of the bank to obtain BVN linking form.