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Link your BVN to your Wema Bank Account via BVN Linker Portal

You can easily link your Bank Verification Number, BVN, to your Wema Bank Account.


Photo credit: Wema Bank BVN Linker

Before that…
If you can’t remember your BVN at the moment, dial *565*0#. The 11-digit displayed on your phone screen is your BVN number, then head straight to WemaBank BVN Linker  

Photo credit: Wema Bank BVN Link Portal

In order to simplify the way account holders link their BVN, Weman bank designed BVN Portal, also known as Wema Bank BVN portal, which enables customers to link their BVN to an existing Wema Bank account.
Requirements for Wema Bank BVN Link

  • Your Name

  • Your bank account also known as NUBAN

  • The email address linked to your wema bank account

  • The phone number recognised by your wema bank account.

  • Account Name

  • Your 11-digit BVN Number.

So, you can now head straight to the Wema Bank BVN Portal
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