Free Download: What is Your WHAT? By Steve Olsher

Could you imagine how great your life would be if you discovered your WHAT earlier in life?


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“This is the time to ask yourself whether the path you’ve selected is serving you well.”
-Steve Olsher
And, you can imagine how it would impact the way you live if you knew one amazing thing you were born to do.
Steve Olsher’s What Is Your WHAT? Is worth $12.79 on and it’s #9,350 on, one of Nigeria’s online bookstore. 
“We’re naturally attracted to those we believe are living their lives to the fullest: people who touch our souls, inspire us to take action, and are living their WHAT.”
-Steve Olsher
But here is the deal:
I’ll be giving this book out for $0…because I can’t withhold any resourceful material that will immediately let you discover your real self-your WHAT.
Organisation of What is Your WHAT?

Author: Steve Olsher

No. of Pages: 241

Format: PDF

Price: FREE

Part: Divided into three parts

Part I: It contains 5 chapters

Part II: Contains 8 chapters

Part III: It has 5 Chapters

Chapters in all: 18 chapters

“If you’re willing to operate at maximum speed to save someone you love, what speed are you willing to travel to save yourself?”
Part I empowers you to Establish the Foundation. This is the part where you can employ the The Four Stages of Learning to discover who you are and why you do what you do.
Part II teaches you how to realize Permanent, Positive Change and introduces you to what Steve Olsher calls The Seven Life-Altering Principles (The S.L.A.P.).
Part III guides you to Become Who You Were Born to Be by teaching you how to answer the key question: What Is Your WHAT?
what will you do after you have discovered your WHAT, and will you get a clear picture of yourself, what you were born to accomplish, and how to realize your inherent greatness?
What You Will Achieve

According to the Reinvention Expert, Steve Olsher, completing What Is Your WHAT? will empower you to
• Shed the shackles of your past and reconnect with who you really are.
• Leverage your natural talents, honing in on the key areas for which you’re wired to excel.
 • Uncover and eliminate barriers you’ve unconsciously created.
• Realize fundamental change at the deepest level of your being—change that will become inseparable from your thoughts and actions.
• Identify your WHAT and establish a plan of action for sharing your WHAT with the world.
• Identify your life’s purpose, your goals, and the factors that motivate and inspire you.
• Achieve peace and prosperity.
Some of my favourite Quotes from What is Your WHAT?

“…the vast majority of people never find their path…mostly because they refuse to recognise it exists.”
“You hold the power to kick your life into overdrive.”
“To become aware of issues that you don’t realize control your quality of life, commit to exploring who you are and why you do what you do.”
“Positioning yourself to look what you don’t know in the eye—and refusing to back down—will empower you to achieve breakthrough results.”
“Disconnected states will inevitably lead to frustration and unhappiness. To identify these states in your life, explore the areas where you experience dissatisfaction, and then probe for the causes.”
“Perception is reality. Give yourself a reality check and be clear on how you’re perceived.”
“The key to freeing your soul and encouraging it to soar is to recognize areas of your life where you excel.”
“By examining moments of excellence, you can extrapolate key indicators that define when you’re operating in a manner that’s congruent with who you truly are.”
“By becoming aware of what makes you feel invincible, you can begin to understand where you’ll find true fulfillment.”
“Be conscious of the power your Circle holds. With the right people in your Circle, anything can happen. With the wrong people, nothing will. Choose wisely.”
—Steve Olsher
You can discover your real you!