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Interview with Sandra Adeyeye, CEO of Eminent Creators

Early this year, a passionate actress, Sandra Adeyeye, came up with the idea of nurturing the younger ones in the art of acting; this gave birth to Camp Art. EbooksCafeng spoke to Sandra Adeyeye about this project, and the progress made by her team so far…

Please, can we meet you?

I am Sandra Adeyeye, Chief Executive Officer of Eminent Creators and a thespian.

Tell us about your current project?

From the 1st through the 8th of August 2016, Eminent Creators in partnership with  Arojah Royal Theatre will be bringing together a variety of young talents (between 7 – 17years old) from across Nigeria to Aflon Digital Academy Kuje, Abuja, with the intention of having fun while learning the basics of putting up a theatre production of their own.
What is Camp Art about?

Camp Art is a one week live-in camp for children of a stipulated age group to partake, have fun and still learn the rudiments of the theatre.
Why the age limit in this kind of huge project?

The age limit helps to mark our jurisdiction. There are already existing active adult theatres in the country who focus on matters concerning adults. We do not want to meddle. Our desire is to reach out to the future of tomorrow – our children.
What is the rationale behind this project?

These talented young stars as we love to call them will be our bedrock for beginning an active children’s theatre in Nigeria. These children become a part of the large body known as the National Association Of Nigerian Theatre Arts practitioners (NANTAP) and therefore, their main duty is to help sensitize their peers to build a healthy nation and a society conducive for all to live in.
Who is the target of Camp Art?

Everyone is a target: Parents, children, art lovers – our society in general. We believe in planting and nurturing the future.
I read that a media icon Dele Momodu endorsed Camp Art, how did you achieve that, and what are you doing to get more endorsement from other authorities?

Truly, I am thankful to Mr. Dele Momodu, publisher of Ovation magazinewho chose to identify with such a project.
I believe other celebrities and lovers of the art as well as children development will also connect with us to move this program forward. We are talking about our children.
We are talking about our future. Let us all invest in this. Information spreads better with the word of mouth. Pitch in your quota just as the other person is doing his or hers.
What are your prospects for Camp Art?

Camp Art is a vision in motion. I believe we will blossom. I believe that Nigeria is ready for such a time as this.
What’s your message for parents?

Parents, be a part of this theatrical evolution. We all need a change. This can only happen if we invest the right information at the right time into our children; key into this development by registering your children. Go to eminent creators blog to download and fill the registration form.

Forms should be submitted with a five thousand naira (5,000) registration fee. After you receive a confirmation on the camper’s status, proceed to pay the one week tuition fee of forty thousand naira (40,000). Thank you.

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