Directory of 241 New Media Influencers

In whatever profession one chooses, there will always be some great people out there one can get inspiration from. People who have crossed the hurdles of professionalism to get to where they presently are.

Drawing inspiration from these people could be a morale booster to achieving what seems unachievable.
EbooksCafeng has got access to an ebook that could be called an archive of influential podcasters, authorities in blogging, social media stars.  
This ebook on The Ultimate Directory of Powerful Podcasters, Big Time Bloggers & Social Media Stars: 241 New Media Influencers Who Can Make You Famous with The push of a Button is a product of weeks of research by Alex Mandossianand Steve Olsher.
This 2016 edition of 241 New Media Influencers Who Can Make You Famous with The push of a Button is a 32-page divided into three sections:
First part contains 63 Big Time Bloggers:

Under this category you’d find Dave Bouskill, “Travel expert who showcases the world through award-winning photography, at his award-winning travel blog, The Planet D”; Kristina Bazan, the editor of Kayture, an online fashion destination; Pete Cashmore, if you’ve heard, or read about mashable, then this name will ring bell; and lots more.
Second section has 140 Social Media Stars:

Hey, don’t be surprised if you found Forbes Top 20 women on twitter, Donna Atoniadis; Forbes Top 40 Social Media Power influencer; the author of The One Minute Manager, Ken Blanchard; and Forbes No.1 Influential Woman for Entrepreneurs, and author of Become Your Boss in 12 Months, Melinda Emersonand, in this category because they’ve all got what it takes to inspire you to achieve what you’ve been dreaming of through the inspiration you get from them.
The last part is a compilation of 38 Powerful Podcasters :

This part has the list of most powerful podcasters like Jay Baer, Dana Gould, and 36 other podcasters.
Essence of 2016 Edition of Directory of 241 New Media Influencers

Since the ebook contains their email addresses, and how you can easily reach out to them on twitter and facebook, you can as well begin to follow their trends on some of these social media platforms to tap from their reservoir of knowledge in their chosen profession.
The essence of this ebook isn’t just to contact, or follow them, but see how you could get a lift through motivation from them.

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