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How to Use Instagram for Business

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The idea behind instagram was to use mobile phone to share photos, video with friends and associates via other social networking medium, such as twitter, facebook, flickr, and tumblr.

But instagram has gone beyond that, there are other benefits the photo-sharing service offers. Wouldn’t you rather consider using it for sales promotion and generate great leads in the process?
As at the time of this review instagram is estimated to have over 400 million users, with over 80 million pictures shared per day. Considering this, it is pertinent for business to use it to garner more customers, and generate more leads.
This 41-page ebook has eight creatively mapped-out chapters fully loaded with what and how to use instagram to complement your campaigns on other social platforms.
Why you study how to use instagram for business

It is written by HubSpot’s Demand Generation Marketer, Jessica C Web, who helped increased the company’s instagram followers from 4,500 to 27,00 within a year. You can equally tap from the Jessica’s instagram top tips to expand the followers.
This ebook is a collaborative research work of Iconosquare and hubspot.

  • You’d get to know how to define your goals 
  • How to determine your metrics 
  • How to determine brand guidelines. 
  • Above all, how to use hashtags, and the etiquette of instagram.

“Engage with people who follow you, or other people in your category that you follow, ie. you Give love to get love. Spend time daily or at least weekly “liking” and commenting on other posts besides your own.”

You can actually set out right away to explore the potentials of instagram just as you’ve been using twitter, facebook, and other social platforms to leverage your business. But it is imperative to understand how any social media you want to use for business works.
This ebook is a basic guide how to go about it the right way without violating the rules as the same time getting the hidden benefits of instagram for your business.
With just your email, you’d get full access to the ebook on HubSpot, “an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, covert leads, and close customers.”