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Official Twitter Handles of All Nigerian Banks

By Ope Quadri   Last Updated: April 27, 2016

This is the complete and up-to-date list of twitter handles of all the banks in Nigeria.
Purpose of this article

The aim of this article is to furnish social account holders with the right twitter handles of bank to follow because there are impersonating handles out there aimed at getting your financial details dubiously.
Several definitions of social banking may exist, the simplest is: social banking is a medium through which account balance, airtime recharge, money transfers, payment of bills, account opening, suggestions and complaints can be performed on Facebook, twitter, Google plus, YouTube, and other social media platforms.
That said.
Here are the twitter handles of all financial institutions in Nigeria:
This research started in February 27,2016.
Access Bank

@myaccessbank is the handle of Access Bank. In March, Access Bank had105,082 followers on twitter, with 15,489 tweets to its credit.
Activities of Access Bank on twitter in April
Two months after (April 27, 2016), Access Bank’s tweets have risen to 15,731 showing an increase of 242 in tweets; while its followers increased by 2025. Access Bank twitter followers have risen to 107, 107 in the month under review.

@Citibank is the official twitter handle of Citibank Nigeria Limited. This handle had 330,387 followers with 7,282 tweets in March.
Activities of Citibank on twitter in April
In April, Citibank Nigeria’s tweets increased by 124 having moved up from 7,282 to 7, 406. While its twitter followers increased by moving from 330,387 in March to 343,104 in April 27. That is 12,717 more followers followed Citibank @Citibank .
Diamond Bank

@DiamondBankNG is the handle through which Diamond Bank Plc tweets its 87,675 followers to respond to enquiries, tweets about its new products and services. Diamond bank had 9,080 tweets to his credit as at March.
Activities of Diamond Bank on twitter in April
Diamond Bank witnessed 298 tweets within the month under review, after it increased its tweets to 9, 378 in April; while its twitter followers moved from 87,675 to 90,585 followers representing 2,910 more followers.

@GroupEcobank belongs to Ecobank Nigeria Plc with 7,213 followers and 2,532 tweets.
Those figures have changed.
Activities og EcoBank on twitter in April
EcoBank tweets now stood at 2,616 as against 2,532 in March. It means EcoBank tweeted just 84 in a month. While EcoBank’s twitter followers rose from 7,213 to 7,504, meaning 291 people found and followed @GroupEcobank, the official twitter handle of EcoBank.
Fidelity Bank

@fidelitybankplcis the official handle of Fidelity Bank Plc where its 47,012 followers can resolve banking issues and get updates about the services of Fidelity Bank. It tweeted 10,654.
April, 2016 Update of fidelity bank activities on twitter
Fidelity Bank tweeted 781 times during this period which makes its tweets to increase to 11,435 as against 10,654 in March.
Fidelity Bank Plc followers grew to 53,964 in April as against 47,012 in March representing 6,952 followers located fidelity bank on twitter.
First Bank of Nigeria

@FirstBankngr belongs to First Bank of Nigeria Plc. Banking transformation to digital banking has not affected First Bank in any way, rather the bank took the advantage to expand its reach, and its activities on twitter has been impressive. With 143,827 followers, First Bank tweeted 42,962 to its followers as at March.
Activity of First Bank of Nigeria on twitter in April
FBN’s tweets grew from 42,962 to 45,790 in April, that is 2,828 tweets by FBN within a month.
Its followers increased from 143,827 to 148,053 in April. First Bank of Nigeria has an increase of 4,226 between March and April.
First City Monument Bank

@MyFCMB is the handle of My Bank and I, First City Monument Bank Plc. With 19,409 followers, 10,979 tweets as at March, 2016, FCMB isn’t toying with social banking, and that’s why your tweet to the bank would adequately get quick response.
Activities of FCMB on twitter in April
In April, FCMB tweets increased to 11,299, meaning FCMB tweeted 320 times during this period. While FCMB followers moved from 19,409 in March to 20,385 in April, that is 976 more followers within a period of 30-day.
Guaranty Trust Bank

GTBank records 25,501 followers within a period of 30-day
@gtbankbelongs to the leader of social banking in Nigeria, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc. Its 530,752 followers as at March, 2016(and still growing every second ) get banking services via its handle, particularly complaints are quickly attended to via twitter with 129,393 tweets to its credit as at March, 2016.
Activities of GTBank on twitter in April
GT Bank has more tweets, more followers during the month under review than any other Nigerian banks.
GTB has 4,553 tweets within a month, meaning GTB tweets grew from 129,393 in March to 133,946 in April, that is 4,553 tweets within a month. Those tweets GTBank tweeted within a month are more than tweets of some Nigerian bank since they embraced twitter as a medium of social banking.
GTB followers rose from 530,752 in March to 556,253 in April. GTB got 25,501 new followers on twitter within a month, making GTB the undisputable leader of social banking in Nigeria.
Heritage Bank Limited

@heritagebankltdis the official twitter handle of Heritage Banking Company Ltd. It had 21,414 followers with 3,939 tweets in March.
Activities of Heritage Bank on twitter in April
Heritage Bank witnessed an increase of 385 tweets within a period of 30-day, increasing its tweets from 3,939 to 4,324. Heritage Bank witnessed an impressive increase in the number of new twitter followers within this period. Its followers moved up from 21,414 to 24,838…that is 3,424 more followers.
Keystone Bank

@keystonebankng is official twitter handle of Keystone Bank. With 3,692 followers, the bank had tweeted 3,497 tweets about its services, resolving complaints as at March, 2016.
Activities of Keystone Bank on twitter in April
Its tweets increased by just 94 tweets in a period of 30-day, from 3,497 to 3,591 in April; while Keystone bank followers increased by 169 as at April 27, 2016… from 3,692 to 3,861.
I believe Keystone Bank needs to step up its game on twitter considering the acceptance of social banking by most of the banking youths.
Skye Bank

@SkyeBankNigeria is where Skye Bank plc has tweeted 11,889 to its 21,056 followers as at March, 2016.
Activities of Skye Bank on twitter in April
Skye bank tweeted 392 times during this period, rising from 11,889 to 12,281. Skye Bank followers rose from 21,056 to 22, 170 during this period under review. It witnessed 1,114 new followers on twitter.
Stanbic IBTC

@StanbicIBTC represents Stanbic IBTC Bank Ltd on twitter. This bank is not doing badly on twitter with its 139,379 followers and 27,716 tweets as at March, 2016.
Activities of Stanbic IBTC on twitter in April
Stanbic IBTC tweets increased from 27,716 (Marcg) to 29,078 in April, that means Stanbic IBTC tweeted 1,362 times in a period of 30 days; while its followers rose from 139,379 to 140,484…that is 1,105 more followers.
Standard Chartered Trust Bank

@StanChartis for the global bank covering Africa, Asia, and Middle East. Nigerian branch is live on It has 35,573 followers with 5,302 tweets as at March, 2016.
But in April, Standard Chartered Trust Bank increased its tweets  by just 36, while it only witnessed 518 more followers.
Considering the fact that Standard Chartered Trust Bank prides its self as a global bank with branches in Africa, Asia, and Middle East, I expected this bank’s activities and performance on twitter to be more impressive rather than its dismal 36 tweets for a whole month.
Sterling Bank

@Sterling_Bankng tweeted 14,493, with 22,920 followers as at March.
However, sterling bank tweets rose to 14,799 in April, while 462 new followers found the bank and followed on the social medium.
Sun Trust Bank Nigeria Limited

SunTrust Bank Nigeria Limited. It’s a new licensed bank by the Central Bank of Nigeria. As at the time of this writing this article, its site is still under construction. And a check on its twitter handle shows that it has just two tweets. I’ll keep you updates when the bank is fully bank on social banking.
Union Bank

@unionbank_ng tweeted 1,675 to its 42,959 followers on twitter in March, 2016.
In April union bank has just 208 tweets to its credit; its followers rose to 44,066 in April 27, 2016.
My View
Considering the long banking history of Union Bank of Nigeria, the bank is just rising from its slumber to appreciate the importance of social banking in the modern banking world.

We understand that the bank is carrying out structural renovations of its branches across Nigeria. Its customers should be hopeful that it would have time for social banking when is fully settled.
United Bank of Africa

@UBAGroup tweets to its 31,029 followers via this handle. With its 18,137 tweets, United Bank for Africa Plc has resolved complaints, and keep its customers/ followers updated about news, products and services.
Activities of UBA on twitter in April
Its tweets increased from 18,137 to 18,931, 794 tweets within this period. UBA added new 1,668 followers to its existing 31,029 to make it 32,697 as at the time of compiling this report.
Unity Bank Plc

@UnityBankPlc belongs to Unity Bank Plc with 9,610 followers and 1,584 tweets as at March, 2016. However, Unity Bank tweeted 130 times within this period to make its tweets 1,714. 523 more followers now follow the bank to make it 10,133 as at April 27, 2016.
Wema Bank

@wemabank is where Wema Bank Plc tweets. With 20,083 followers and 5, 036 tweets as at March 2016.
In April, it added 68 tweets to rise to 5,104 tweets, while new 701 followers found the wema bank on twitter to make its followers rose to 20,784 followers as at April 27, 2016.
Zenith Bank

@ZenithBank has 14,972 followers, and the bank tweeted 3,274 on twitter as at March, but added more 478 tweets, 1,020 more followers as at April 27, 2016.
I don’t think Zenith Bank is doing much on twitter.
The above twitter handles of Nigeria banks are subject to update every month. Most of the first generation banks with Gtbank leading are utilizing the social media to expand their reach.
Two things could be responsible for the low activities of Nigerian banks on twitter: It’s either customers are yet to appreciate the importance of twitter in banking and vice versa, or banks are yet to actively engage their customers on twitter.
One spectacular thing about the activities of those banks that have performed credibly well in terms of tweets, and followers on twitter is: They engage their followers, prompting increase in interactivity and tweet-back between them.
That goes a long way in cementing the seller-buyer relationship.
It’s your turn: Is your bank doing well on twitter? Let’s here from you.